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Sexual Activity After a Total Hip Replacement

After a patient receives a total hip replacement, they receive many forms of information guiding them through the recovery process to ensure that they do not re-injure themselves or elongate the healing process. However, one detail that is often overlooked is sexual activity following a total hip replacement.

A 2013 article published in the Journal of Arthroplasty was able to successfully study how sexual activity after a total hip replacement impacted the new joint and what patients needed to avoid in order to maintain the success of their surgery while still enjoying intimacy. This study focused on the “relative risk of impingement and joint instability during sexual activities after total hip replacement” in order to help patients resume their normal lifestyle with minimal risk.

The Methods Used to Study Intercourse After a Total Hip Replacement

In order to accurately study how sexual activity impacts a replaced hip joint, the doctors performing this study used MRI and motion capture in order to see precisely how the joint was impacted during certain movements.

3D models, as well as graphing certain points of the pelvis to act as markers, were also employed to better understand the joint placement.

Finding out how Sexual Activity Affects a Total Hip Replacement

This study found that many positions do not impinge on the joint, making them safe after a total hip replacement. Because of the advanced technology used, these doctors were able to find what positions were most comfortable for patients with total hip replacements. Others, which did cause some impingement, were marked as unrecommended.

The two images below can provide guidelines regarding sexual activity after a total hip replacement. However, if you begin to feel discomfort, it is advised that you change positions and monitor how your joint is feeling.

Sexual positions after THA (1)Sexual Positions after THA 2 (1)  

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