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“I was in a ton of pain before Dr. Vigdorchik fixed me up. As far as knee surgeries go, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I was in and out the same day.”


“I saw two other surgeons before being recommended to Dr. Vigdorchik. He’s an incredible surgeon. It’s great being able to walk up stairs again!”


“Dr. Vigdorchik is a great surgeon who took care of my hip impingement. I appreciate how clearly he explained everything to me.”


Francis has been dancing and acting professionally for over 30 years. After years of the intense physical demands placed on his body from performing and dancing, Francis began to suffer from an intense pain in his right hip, which extended down his leg.

Everyday tasks, such as walking and taking stairs – let alone dance – were impossible. Francis wasn’t only terrified of the implications this could have on his career, he was scared he may never be able to walk again.

Francis was recommended to Dr. Vigdorchik by his primary care physician, but he wanted to ensure he was the best fit for him.

After meeting Dr. Vigdorchik, Francis’ concerns were quickly put to rest. He found his passion about, deep knowledge of and experience with the latest surgical hip procedures very reassuring. Francis also appreciated his patience; Dr. Vigdorchik listened to every one of his questions and thoroughly explained the procedure and recovery process associated with his surgery.

After surgery, Francis was thrilled with the results: he regained full functioning in his hip and no longer experienced the shooting pains he’d endured conducting the most rudimentary tasks.

Francis highly recommends Dr. Vigdorchik to his professional peers, and to anyone who struggles with hip pain, every chance he gets.

Francis Jue

This visit was perfect but after three surgeries with Dr Vigdorchik it is important for me to say the following to and about him.

By now Dr. Vigdorchik must know how much Madeleine and I admire, respect, and like him. We think the world of him, and he has earned and deserve these feelings. He is a wonderful doctor, but equally important he is not an alarmist but instead soft spoken, easy going, and easily accessible; a really nice person. These traits give his patients a sense of comfort and security, but do not prevent him from doing what he believes is in their best interests.

His approach has a calming effect which is extremely helpful to their emotional status prior to surgery and throughout the healing process. Dr Vigdorchik performed three surgeries on Madeleine (in four months), and not only were they successful but Madeleine’s spirit and positive outlook were never in question.

This was due not only to his skills as a surgeon (which are excellent), but most important to his personality and manner which resulted in our having total confidence in him. We both felt that her doctor was also our friend. Thank you seems inadequate, but it is meant in the most sincere and affectionate way. He is the best.

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