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Non-Operative Priority

Dr. Vigdorchik sees patients regularly who have been misdiagnosed and told surgery is their only option. Dr. Vigdorchik’s prioritization of non-operative treatment ensures the avoidance of unnecessary procedures and stresses of recovery.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

By utilizing the latest medical advances, Dr. Vigdorchik is a world expert in robotic hip replacement who is licensed to perform ALL types of hip surgery, resulting in highly successful procedures and rapid post-surgery recoveries.

Successful Outcomes

As a high-volume surgeon, Dr. Vigdorchik hosts visiting surgeons from around the world to learn his techniques and is a part of the teaching faculty of Weill Cornell Medical School. Trust his expertise for a correct diagnosis and minimal post-surgery pain.

How Double Hip Replacement Got Bobby James Back On His Bike

Bobby James was finding it increasingly difficult to do basic things. James couldn’t bend enough at the waist to sit comfortably, couldn’t stand in order to work, couldn’t ride his bicycle, and couldn’t sleep for more than 25 minutes at a time for a year because of the pain.

“At times I couldn’t think straight,” said James, “My mind was always on my hips.”

James had a double hip replacement, undergoing surgery for both hips at the same time.

After surgery James is back to doing all of the things that he used to do before including kneeling down to pick something up.

“I dreaded when I would drop anything on the ground because I couldn’t bend down to get it. I needed something to hold onto as I lowered myself down onto my knees.”

He’s now back to riding his bike pain-free and rode 42 miles in the New York City Five Boro Bike Tour just five months after surgery.

Working with Dr. Vigdorchik has been a stress-free, rewarding experience. “He talked to me as an educated person. He explained to me what to expect.”

“I believe him to be one of the best surgeons amongst his peers. Dedicated, fine tuned and humble. I noticed that when you have hip or knee issues, everyone knows someone that has had a knee or a hip done. I heard a great many unhappy endings. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I had a great outcome. I did the best I could. And he did the best he could. His best is great.”

“I asked if he plays music while he operates. To which he answered, ‘It could be classical, reggae or deep house.’”

“When I relayed this story to a few friends that are doctors and to some that work with doctors, they all said that Dr. Vigdorchik and I must have connected. Because they couldn’t imagine themselves or any other doctor telling a patient their pre-surgery routine.”

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Conditions Treated

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Knee Surgery

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“I was in a ton of pain before Dr. Vigdorchik fixed me up. As far as knee surgeries go, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I was in and out the same day.”


“I saw two other surgeons before being recommended to Dr. Vigdorchik. He’s an incredible surgeon. It’s great being able to walk up stairs again!”


“Dr. Vigdorchik is a great surgeon who took care of my hip impingement. I appreciate how clearly he explained everything to me.”


One of only 1% of NYC Hip Surgeons licensed to perform ALL hip surgeries and procedures.