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About Same Day Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Same day total knee replacement surgery is an alternative method to traditional knee replacement surgery. The difference lies in the tools used during the procedure and the less invasive approach the surgeon takes.

Same day surgery may not be an option for everyone. However, after an examination and testing, a qualified surgeon will be able to determine the best course of action and whether or not a more conservative approach will be best.

These “same day” procedures are a patient-favorite because they are minimally invasive, cause less scarring, and allow patients to leave the hospital the same day of the surgery. In many cases, the patient is up and walking within the hours after the procedure.

Any total knee replacement surgery is only performed after all other options of treatment are unsuccessful. Total knee replacements occur in 90% more frequently than partial knee replacement surgeries, and many patients are eligible for minimally invasive options.

Using robot-assisted tools, or other minimally invasive approached, surgeons are able to removed the damaged parts of the knees (such as areas affected by osteoarthritis) and remove them with smooth implants.

These implants, once placed in the proper position, will move naturally and comfortably for years to come.

The Benefits of Same Day Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients who undergo same day total knee replacement surgery often experience a large reduction in pain immediately after the procedure. From there, they will receive the proper care and medications that will allow them to recover comfortably at home.

Same day total knee replacements are popular because they diminish the likelihood of infection, post-operative complications, and shorten the recovery period.

Additionally, same day total knee replacement procedures often have better long-term outcomes thanks to their less invasive approach and precise implant placement.

Recovery from Same Day Total Knee Replacement

Many patients worry that they will have to spend weeks in the hospital and months in therapy before being able to return to their normal life. With same day surgeries, patients can return home the same day and begin the recovery process right away.

All patients will be briefed about what to expect and how to manage their pain at home. Despite not being in the hospital for an extended period of time, each patient can rely on a network of support throughout their recovery.

The majority of patients will require physical therapy following their procedure to ensure that they can maintain muscle mass, move comfortably, and heal properly so that they can enjoy their knee for years to come.

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