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At HSS, Dr. Vigdorchik Leads Research To Lower Post-Operative Hip Dislocation

Since being brought onto the team at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), Dr. Vigdorchik has worked with his colleagues to bring more light to the incidence of post-operative dislocation in patients with hip replacements. In the past, surgeons understood that spinal function ultimately affects the hips. Thanks to this new evaluation tool, orthopedic surgeons now know that, due to a patient’s spinal positioning, up to “77% of inappropriately positioned hip implants would not have been identified.”

The Hip-Spine Classification in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) has been able to reduce the occurrence of dislocation from 16% down to 3%, as demonstrated through the 222 patient outcomes that were studied and documented throughout this three-year study.

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