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About Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

One of the biggest advancements in medical technology was the invention, and mastery of, robotic assistance in the operating room. Unlike older methods of knee replacement surgery, robot-assisted knee replacements allow the doctor to make smaller incisions and repair the joint with incredible accuracy.

Dr. Vigdorchik has special expertise in robot-assisted knee replacement surgery. As a leader in this emerging field, he is already treating patients and giving them the best possible outcomes using these cutting-edge techniques. He frequently teaches other surgeons how to use these tools and techniques locally, nationally, and internationally.

With robotic knee replacement surgery, patients who have not received any relief from less invasive treatments, like physical therapy and corticosteroids, can regain mobility and comfort. Due to the robotic instruments, it’s possible for surgeons to use much more minimally invasive techniques needed for the surgery.

The Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

When working with a specialized surgeon like Dr. Vigdorchik, patients can experience the advantages of a properly-executed robotic surgery. Everything from a shorter recovery period, reduced pain, and minimal scarring can be considered as benefits of this type of surgery.

However, thanks to the precision of the robotic instruments, robotic knee replacements offer more accurate positioning of the implant, reduced risks for complications, and a better long-term outcome.

This is because the robot can be maneuvered to such exact degrees, the placement of the knee replacement implant can be perfected. Overall, this gives patients a much more natural feel while walking after the procedure. After years of living with painful, stiff knees, the majority of patients enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of living and moving comfortably as a result of robotic knee replacement.

Recovering from Robotic Knee Surgery

In comparison to other options for knee replacement surgery, robotic knee surgery offers a superior experience when it comes to the recovery process.

Since this surgery is minimally invasive, damage to the surrounding tissue and complications are minimized. That means that patients can sometimes receive this surgery as an outpatient procedure or same-day discharge, which allows them to avoid hospital stays and heal comfortably at home.

Following the surgery, rest and physical therapy will lead you through the recovery process to ensure that patients can regain as much of their mobility, quality of life, and range of motion as possible.

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