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What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has become a staple of healthcare in 2020, and Dr. Vigdorchik will continue to offer telemedicine moving forward. Many people are used to taking off work and driving into New York City for their doctor appointments. Now, Dr. Vigdorchik is offering new patient, follow-up, and postoperative appointments to make getting expert hip and knee care convenient, without the hassle of NYC traffic, tolls, parking…

Telemedicine is a service that allows patients to meet with their doctor digitally. This technology has been around for more than 20 years, but now that telemedicine has become mainstream, many more people are seeing the value in this service.

Telemedicine is a way for patients to connect with doctors who they may not have been able to reach normally. Dr. Vigdorchik can connect with patients across the state by using devices like a cell phone, iPad, or computer camera. That way, people can get expert care without ever leaving their homes.

Biggest Fears of Telemedicine – solved!

I want to see my doctor in person – you will see Dr. Vigdorchik in person prior to any surgery, usually 3-4 weeks before. Telemedicine appointments can speed along the process to having your procedure. Think about telemedicine like this: if the appointment waiting time is 1-2 months, and then the surgical waiting list is 3+ months, you can quickly skip the line having a telemedicine visit! This can save you 2-3 months of time.

I am afraid of technology – the setup for telemedicine appointments is quick and easy! Anyone can do it!! It is no different than the Facetime or Zoom meetings you have been doing with your kids/grandkids. To further support you, we have a dedicated help desk to answer all of your questions.

Can he really diagnose my problem virtually?? Of course, Dr. Vigdorchik can. And if he can’t, he will tell you that you have to come in for an in-person visit. But remember this: the most important information Dr. Vigdorchik gets is from talking with you, and he can diagnose the majority of hip and knee conditions from just an x-ray.

Is this covered by my insurance? In general, all insurances that we accept are covering telemedicine visits. You may also inquire about telehealth coverage with your insurance policy directly.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

The most significant benefit of telemedicine is how convenient it is. Most patients have to take off work to go see the doctor. While our office is located in beautiful Manhattan, traffic, parking, and tolls can make traveling for an appointment difficult. Many people drive anywhere from 1-4 hours to come see Dr. Vigdorchik. Moreover, most appointments are only 30 minutes long.

For many people, taking a day off work or spending a lot of time and money to get to a quick appointment is a hassle. And that’s exactly why Dr. Vigdorchik is now offering telemedicine services.

Another benefit of telemedicine is that patients can upload their x-rays and health information on a HIPAA-safe platform. This makes gathering information from previous providers and presenting a complete history much easier for patients.

Telemedicine does not mean that patients will be completely shut off from getting care in-person. If a patient needs x-rays, they can stop by one of the HSS Satellite offices that may be closer to home than our main office.

What Can Be Done with Telemedicine?

One of the biggest concerns that patients have about telemedicine is the quality of care – can doctors really do a good job through a video chat? Many doctors wondered the same thing, too. Studies have shown that the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment plans do not vary from in-person visits.

Dr. Vigdorchik can evaluate a patient needing hip or knee replacement surgery using telemedicine. That means that patients from across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut can work with a top hip and knee surgeon like Dr. Vigdorchik without needing to make extensive and expensive travel plans.

After your telemedicine evaluation, if you are scheduled for a procedure, you will be invited to the office 2-3 weeks before your appointment. That way, all of your questions can be answered, and you can meet with our team and your surgeon in person.

Telemedicine is a fantastic way to get high-quality care for your hip and knee conditions. However, if you need an injection, we are happy to have you come to the office since that’s one thing that telemedicine cannot do yet!

Who Is a Candidate for Telemedicine with Dr. Vigdorchik?

Not every patient is a good candidate for a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Vigdorchik. As mentioned above, patients needing procedures like joint injections will still need to come into the office for that.

Overall, telemedicine is best suited for new patients who have a confirmed diagnosis and need a hip or knee replacement. With all of your health information uploaded into the system before your telemedicine appointment, Dr. Vigdorchik can prepare for your appointment with the same attention to detail as in-person appointments. All of the information that would be discussed in an in-person visit can be conveyed through telemedicine appointments very easily.

Postoperative patients are also great candidates for telemedicine services. If the patient chooses this option, they can schedule a telemedicine appointment 6 weeks after their surgery, and then 1 year after as well. We are proud to offer telemedicine to patients postoperatively because many people have struggled with getting into a car, driving to NYC, parking their car, and then walking into the office. Now, patients can have a thorough postoperative appointment from the comfort of their own home – no travel required.

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