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A hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a damaged hip is treated using an arthroscope and other tools.

During a hip arthroscopy, the surgeon has a clear view inside of a joint and the ability to treat the affected area while causing less injury to the patient than with traditional “open” surgeries.

This leads to faster recovery times, less pain and less scarring.

Hip Arthroscopy Overview

A hip arthroscopy starts with your leg being put into traction, ensuring proper hip position for the procedure.

With your leg in traction, an incision is then made into the hip joint. A tiny camera, or arthroscope, is then inserted and used to view the inside of your hip joint, revealing what’s causing your hip pain.

After reviewing the condition of the hip joint, additional small incisions are then made around the hip area to accommodate the use of additional orthopedic tools to repair any issues causing hip pain.

Hip arthroscopy is a common hip treatment, however it is not as popular as a knee arthroscopy. A hip arthroscopy is generally performed at an outpatient facility and does not require a hospital stay.

In order to determine the best treatment for your situation, Dr. Vigdorchik undergoes a thorough diagnosis, ruling out any non-surgical treatments before proceeding with a treatment plan.

Conditions Treated by a Hip Arthroscopy

A hip arthroscopy is typically used to diagnose hip pain and is often used to treat a variety of hip conditions, including:

  • Treatment of labral tears
  • Hip impingement
  • Articular cartilage injuries
  • and the removal of loose bodies in the joint

Other painful conditions treated through hip arthroscopy include hip tendon or ligament injuries, hip instability, and an inflamed or damaged synovium.

All of these hip conditions treated by a hip arthroscopy may lead to hip arthritis if left untreated, with symptoms worsening over time.

Hip Arthroscopy Recovery

Recovery time after a hip arthroscopy will vary based on your age, condition and lifestyle.

Expect to spend one to two hours in the recovery room immediately after surgery and have someone drive you home.

You will be on crutches for one to two months after.

Based on your situation, a full physical therapy program will be created in order to return mobility and strength to your hip joint.

Hip Arthroscopy Articles

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