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A hip osteotomy is a surgical procedure in which the bones that make up the hip joint are reshaped and fixed to a new position.

Hip Osteotomy Overview

During a hip osteotomy, healthy cartilage is placed in the weight-bearing area of the joint, followed by a reshaping and reconstruction of the joint.

Full recovery from an osteotomy takes between six and twelve months.

Hip Osteotomy Procedures

Two common hip osteotomy procedures include:

  • Varus rotational osteotomy (VRO)
  • Pelvic osteotomy

Varus Rotational Osteotomy

A varus rotational osteotomy is necessary when the femoral neck is too straight and not angled far enough toward the socket of the hipbone, the acetabulum.

During this procedure, the surgeon corrects the shape of the femoral neck.

Pelvic Osteotomy

A pelvic osteotomy is necessary when the socket of the hipbone, the acetabulum, is deformed and cannot accommodate the femoral head of the thigh bone (femur).

During this procedure, the surgeon will either redirect the cartilage of the socket or use bone taken from outside the joint to correct for the condition.

Hip Osteotomy Alternatives

Alternatives to a hip osteotomy include:

  • Postponing the surgery temporarily with pain medicine
  • Total hip replacement
  • Arthrodesis (the femoral head is fused to the acetabulum)
  • Pseudarthrosis (removing the femoral head without replacing it with an artificial part)

Hip Osteotomy Recovery

Recovery time after a hip osteotomy will vary based on your age, condition and lifestyle.

Patients could be in the hospital for a few days after the procedure and may require a cast to aid in healing the pelvis, and returning it to full strength.

Full recovery from an osteotomy may take longer than a total hip replacement and it could be four to six months before the patient can walk under their own power without assistance.

Hip Osteotomy Articles

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