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Hip preservation surgeries are surgical procedures to repair abnormal or injured hip joints while preserving the original hip joint and hip functionality.

Priority is placed on treating an underlying condition that left untreated may lead to further damage the hip joint.

Hip Preservation Surgery Overview

Many hip conditions become more severe over time if left untreated.

This is because damage to the hip is often caused by an underlying condition or abnormality, often developed early in life.

Older individuals and athletes often have hip conditions treated because the condition’s wear on the joint has progressed to the point it is causing them pain.

Conditions Treated by Hip Preservation Surgery

Hip conditions commonly treated by hip preservation surgery commonly include:

  • Hip Impingement (femoro-acetabular impingement [FAI])
  • Acetabular Dysplasia
  • Labral Tears
  • Cartilage Injuries

Hip Impingement

Hip Impingement, also referred to femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI), occurs when the bones of the hip joint don’t fit together properly.

This causes additional wear to the joint’s cartilage, leading to hip pain.

Acetabular Dysplasia

Acetabular dysplasia refers to a deficient or shallow ‘socket’ of the hip joint.

Dysplasia can lead to the loss of cartilage and osteoarthritis because the socket has less surface area to support the body’s weight.

Labral Tears

Labral tears and other cartilage injuries can be torn due to sudden or chronic injuries.

The labrum is a piece of cartilage lining the ‘socket’ of the hip, providing stability to the hip joint.

Hip Preservation Recovery

Recovery time after a hip preservation surgery will vary based on your age, condition and lifestyle.

Patients can expect to be hospitalized for two to four days with full recovery in four to six months.

Based on your situation, a full physical therapy program will be created in order to return mobility and strength to your hip joint.

Hip Preservation Surgery Articles

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